Being an artist and entertainer is  hard work. It can become even more tedious if you don’t have a team of professionals behind you maintaining your brand, organizing your web presence, and providing your fans with merchandise. Usually, all of these resources are separate, take time, and cost lots of money to keep up. After seeing local artists and entertainers struggle to manage their brands and merchandise, Walace Nogueira, Jr.  [Twitter/Instagram: @walnogs] decided to create Merch-A-Lot.

In 2013, Merch-A-Lot was founded to help our clients stay involved with their branding and merchandising, while allowing them also to focus on their craft. We like to support clients by providing the stepping stones they need to reach their fans, across different platforms, through various media, all the while staying involved in the merchandising and branding process.

Today, the company is headquartered in the New Market area of Boston inside Market at Casablanc, located at 169 Norfolk Ave.


For more information about working with Merch-A-lot, send your inquiries to info@merchalot.com.


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